You will need domain names for your new business venture. Look no further than GoDaddy! We have used other sources for our domain names, however, we’ve found GoDaddy to be the most economical, easy to use and it’s 24/7 customer support has proven to be most valuable! Hint: when you purchase your domain names “first” click on the icon below and register an account “then” – before actually purchasing a domain name – take a few minutes and make a phone call to them and ask what “call-in” specials they are currently running. We have found this little “trick” to prove most valuable in saving money! As an example, they may have a “buy one .com and get a .info free” – We use the .com domain for the “money making” website(s) we are building and use the .info for a blog that helps promote our “money making” sites.

Also, another bit of advice: Do “not” use .info domains for your “money making” sites. The Search Engines just do not like them! For our “money making” sites we have learned to use only .com – .net and a few .us



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